Compassion-Centered Spiritual Health Fellowship Presentations - Natasha Patterson, M.Div, & Drew Bongiovanni, M.Div


8/19/2021 1:00 PM - 8/19/2021 3:10 PM Add to Calendar

Join us Aug. 5, 12, and 19 to hear presentations from Emory's Compassion-Centered Spiritual Health (CCSH) fellowship program. Each CCSH fellow will present an innovative project which integrates their insights from CBCT®, CCSH™, and the APC and NACC Board Certification process with the unique aspects of providing spiritual health during their two-year fellowship.

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Attuning to Self While Providing End of Life Care
Natasha Patterson, M.Div
CCSH Fellow, Emory University Hospital

Already Enough: Using CBCT to Cultivate Shame Resilience
Drew Bongiovanni, M.Div
CCSH Fellow, Wesley Woods Hospital

Compassion-Centered Spiritual Health